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Ordering Information
  E-mail mdanaie@3ti.com a "Request for Quotation
(RFQ)" to 3TI. Your "Request for Quotation (RFQ)" should contain:
Contact Information (Actual Mailing Address, Appropriate Point of Contact, Phone, Fax, and e-mail).
The actual statement requesting a quotation or proposal.
Statement of Work (SOW) including the Scope, Period of Performance, Place of Performance, Deliverables, Travel Requirements (if Applicable), Acceptance Criteria (if Applicable), Contract Type.
The Date and Time the "Request for Quotation (RFQ)" is due.
  In addition, a "Best Value" evaluation, in conjunction with standard data is required. A "Best Value" evaluation includes such criteria as:
Past performance (e.g., experience)
Special features of the product/service
Trade-in considerations
Probable life of the item selected
Warranty considerations
Environmental and energy efficiency considerations

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