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Technology Consulting

COTS Solutions

3TI's methodologies for supporting Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) software implementation are based on two processes. Selection and Implementation processes. The package selection process involves establishing the criteria for evaluating COTS packages based on an understanding of business requirements, and assessing the qualified COTS packages and vendors against those requirements while keeping the client's technology environment in mind. In implementation process, the activities involved are customizing and configuring the selected COTS package to meet the business requirements, and customizing a set of products that are used to deploy the package at specified sites. 3TI has successfully provided these activities to several of its clients.

Data Warehousing

3TI's approach to data warehousing views this technology as an overall strategy, or process, for building decision support systems and a knowledge-based applications architecture, and an environment that supports both everyday tactical decision making and long-term business strategizing. The Data Warehouse environment positions a business to utilize an enterprise-wide data store to link information from diverse sources and make the information accessible for a variety of user purposes. Data Warehousing requires both business and technical expertise and involves many activities that 3TI's structured and methodical approach will support. These include: Identifying the business information for Data Warehouse; prioritizing subject areas to be included in the Data Warehouse; managing the scope of each subject area which will be implemented into the Data Warehouse; developing a scaleable architecture to serve as the Data Warehouse's technical and application foundation; and identifying and selecting the hardware/software components to implement it.

Custom Software Implementation

3TI's life cycle development approach uses four major phases to successfully define and deploy a system. These phases include Requirements Analysis, Design, Construction, and Deployment. Requirements Analysis phase defines the data, processes, and interactions between the two. Design phase involves designing the look and feel of the application and making the technical design decisions, including deciding on data and process distribution. The design stage is driven by user interface design. 3TI's design approach maximizes consistency and reusability in the designs. It uses a three-step process of visualizing the user tasks, abstracting to identify common and similar components and detailing the interface through prototyping. Construction phase is the building and testing of programs, databases and network implementation. The Deployment phase addresses the issues concerned with getting the system into production at each site. Specifically, 3TI believes that the following need to receive increased attention during deployment: Establishing support services, operating in diverse client configurations, software distribution and upgrades, frequency of upgrades, and continuous training. 3TI has a strong background in Lotus Notes Development. In addition, we have engaged with several system development organization who have expertise in Lotus Notes development and other software development.

E-Business Solution

3TI's E-Business Solutions approach uses four major phases to successfully define and deploy E-Business solutions. These phases include Requirements Analysis, Design/Discover, Implementation, and Launch. The Requirements Analysis phase identifies the data, processes, and technology requirements and guides the development team through designing a prototype and setting goals. The Design/Discover phase guides the development team through the visual, structural, and technical design of the web-based application. During the Implementation phase, which at times runs concurrently with Design/Discover phase, the development team implements the design. The Launch phase guides the team through many of the follow-through activities that can make a huge impact on the success of the web-based application including site promotion, gathering feedback, and software distribution.

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