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Training & Facilitation

Since 1997, 3TI has been involved in the training of Government staff in planning, execution, and information systems. 3TI personnel perform curriculum development, curriculum maintenance, and course instructions. 3TI’s experienced instructors collectively possess hands-on experience in several areas of project management, facilitation, analysis, design, testing, documentation, capital planning, and security assessments. Our team is currently qualified to teach automated courses, conduct quality control analysis, evaluate student comprehension, evaluate course content and instructional procedures, and provide recommendations for change.

We produce training products in media including CD-ROM, development/modification, text format conversion programming, audio computer disk, printed materials, and network files. The multimedia staff is experienced in graphic image recording/editing, simulation design, and lesson development. The multidimensional products are produced on site using a powerful suite of PC operating systems.


Facilitation is the process of harnessing the knowledge of the participants while managing participant behavior to accomplish a set of pre-defined objectives. 3TI’s facilitator will employ various techniques when conducting such sessions for two primary reasons: to accelerate the capture of requirements and to ensure that session participants work effectively together. 3TI has conducted many workshops and facilitated sessions. Workshops bring together the key people in a project, in a facilitated group session, to accomplish certain objectives. Workshop attendees may be from diverse backgrounds as well as from the technical community, or they may be from outside of the enterprise. The key for workshop management is to bring together all of the people who have the requisite knowledge to address identified issues or discuss the process and procedures, or defining and prioritizing requirements. Conducting workshops avoids the potential for misinterpretation of important information as opposed to serial interviewing.

Providing a structured environment where key stakeholders can discuss important topics openly results in improved decision making, ownership and consensus, improved deliverable quality, more effective project teams and reduced time and cost. 3TI’s workshop technique can be used for any situation that requires something more than a simple meeting or round table discussion, such as quick turnaround of information, multiple sources of information, and overcoming political or personal roadblocks to project success. 3TI’s workshop facilitation activities include:
Pre-Performance Conference
Pre-Session Meeting
Meeting Facilitation – Agenda, Categorizer, Voting, Alternative Analysis, Topic Commenter, Group Outliner, Surveyor
Meeting Facilitator
Use of Automated Tools to Document Meeting Results
Post Session Analysis and Support
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